5 Facts You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Skin

5 Facts You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Skin

Have you ever experienced the intoxicating moment while you nuzzle your nose against your baby’s skin and take a whiff of that yummy scent of baby skin? A baby’s skin is almost synonymous with everything soft and supple but it requires some TLC too. Keep in mind that your baby’s skin is not yet fully developed as yours and is quite sensitive and vulnerable.

Here are some interesting facts about your baby’s skin.

Baby Skin Rash

1.Go gentle on that tender skin – Those chubby cheeks and thighs can look all yummy and irresistible, but your baby’s skin is thin and fragile during those first few months that it almost looks transparent making her blood vessels visible. It can turn red when your baby is feeling hot and a little bluish when she is feeling cold. This is why it is always a good idea to dress her in layers. The thin skin can also make it more sensitive and prone to irritation which makes it important to use baby skin friendly detergents and oils or moisturizers. The thin skin also makes it vulnerable to sun burns. Avoid taking your baby out when the sun’s heat is harsh and remember to use a baby sunscreen when you do so.

2.Watch her colour change - When a baby just arrives, her skin would be anywhere from purple to dark red. This is all a reaction to a sudden change of environment from the womb to the world. As the baby’s blood circulation develops and improves, her skin will keep changing too and this can happen until she is about six months of age after which she will slowly settle in her permanent skin tone.

3.Dial down on that bath time – Frequent bathing during those first few months is not only unnecessary, but it will make your baby’s skin extra dry. Since babies are born with skins that naturally have more water content than adult skin, they only need to be bathed about twice or thrice a week. Remember to moisten her skin with a baby moisturizer right after her bath to keep her skin soft and supple.

Baby Rash Cream

4.Ouch! Those rashes – Yes, we all crave to have baby skin. But it is not all peaches and cream. Most babies are born with milia, tiny bumps on their skin and can also have baby acne due to skin-gland secretions. The sensitive skin can also mean that they are more prone to irritation and rashes and these can be prevented by using baby friendly diaper rash gels. 

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Baby Diaper Rash Cream

5.Oooh! The feel-good hormones – The sensitivity of your baby’s skin can also be a great thing as it can positively impact your bonding experience with your baby. When you touch and caress or massage your baby, you stimulate the feel-good hormone (oxytocin) production in her body making her instantly calmer and happier. The sight of a peaceful, content and happy baby is just a little bit of heaven on earth.