Baby Skin Rash Cream

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Baby Diaper Rashes

If you have just had a baby, your life must be a happy mess at the moment. From their random giggles that take your breath away to their constant wailing at night and you looking up for diaper rash solutions - babies are the cutest troublemakers! 

With being a new parent, comes the overwhelming stress of taking care of the baby at all times. Babies have extremely sensitive and delicate skin, making them prone to inflammations and rashes. If you are a new parent, you will be surprised to know that even the best quality diapers and cloth nappies can cause irritation on your tiny baby’s bum. Here are 5 things that every parent must know about baby diaper rashes:

  • What causes a diaper rash?
  • A diaper rash is usually caused by bacteria and moisture held within your skin and the diaper. Here are a few things every new parent must know and remember:

    • If your baby continues to wear wet and soiled diapers for a long time, their skin is most likely to erupt in rashes. This is because it is very easy for wet skin to break down and chafe. It is also the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.
    •  Another factor that may cause rashes is making your baby wear tight diapers. The elastic bites in the soft, delicate skin of your little one, and that can cause irritation. 
    • Also, if your baby is suffering from diarrhoea, you need to take the extra precaution of keeping their bum as dry as possible. 
    • Apart from all this, even strong detergents and certain brands of diapers can inflame your baby’s skin, making it more susceptible to rashes.

    While these are some of the common causes of diaper rash, there can also be rashes due to a different and more serious underlying issue such as an infection or disorder. Hence, you need to be alert if the rash looks abnormal or stays on for more than 2-3 days.

  • How to prevent a diaper rash?
  • Your baby contracting a diaper rash is very annoying for the little one but you don’t need a doctor’s assistance in this situation. It is a very common and mild condition that you can take care of very easily. Here are some diaper rash prevention tips:

    • As mentioned earlier, wet diapers are the breeding grounds for germs and ultimately, a diaper rash erupts. So, keep changing the soiled or wet diaper as soon as you can for hygiene as well as for diaper rash prevention.
    • You must make it a daily routine of airing your baby’s bum for a minimum of fifteen minutes for ensuring that their bottom is totally dry and clean.
    • In case a minor rash develops, you can use a trusted cream/gel for nappy rashes, like SkinEasi Diaper Rash Gel. It will soothe the irritation instantly and your baby will feel a lot better.
    • The diaper should not fit too tight or too loose on your baby. While a tight fit will cut the skin, a loose fit might cause leakage. The baby’s diaper should be a snug and comfortable fit.

    Preventing a diaper rash can be very easy and hassle-free if you have all the essentials and ‘points to remember’ sorted. Most of the babies have skin that erupts into rashes every now and then and with the right kind of attention, you can easily get rid of or just banish them easily.

  • How to keep the baby clean and dry?
  • Since the primary cause of diaper rash is prolonged periods of being in touch with moisture, keeping the baby’s bum dry all day is the key to fight the rashes. Here are some things to keep in mind for ensuring your baby is clean and dry throughout the day:

    • Wash your hand properly with a gentle soap/cleanser before and after you change your baby’s diaper. It will help in preventing bacteria or germs from transmitting to your tiny tot.
    • Use warm water and soft cotton for cleaning your baby’s bum. Wet wipes can be very drying to the skin and they are not eco-friendly either. However, if you really want to use them, make sure to buy one which is alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Since their skin is super sensitive, don’t go overboard with cleaning as that may irritate their supple skin.
    • Use a soft cloth for pat-drying your baby’s bottom. Do not rub the cloth aggressively as that may cause skin chaffing. Before you make your baby wear a new diaper, make sure their bottom is completely dry.
    • Always the clothes of your baby separately and use a mild detergent that is free of harmful chemicals. 

    Keeping these easy-to-do things in mind and in practice will do wonders in ensuring your baby’s soft skin is safe, clean and protected from the irritating rashes that can give you and your child sleepless nights.

  • When is a doctor’s assistance needed for the treatment of nappy rash?
    Usually, you do not need a doctor’s help if your baby gets a nappy rash. However, here is when you need to consult a doctor:
    • If your baby gets a fever along with a nappy rash, you must visit a doctor.
    • If the bumps on the baby’s bottom start turning yellow because of puss, you need to visit the doctor immediately. 
    • Diaper rash solutions can easily solve a rash problem at home if you treat it at the right time without delay.
  • Which gel/cream for nappy rash is the safest to use?
  • One of the most effective diaper rash solutions will be a skin-friendly anti-rash gel that forms a barrier between your baby’s skin and the diaper. SkinEasi Diaper Rash Gel is one such miracle solution that gives long hours of safety and protection to your baby. Here’s why you need to give it a shot right now:

    • Its unique formulation is Dermatologically tested, Clinically Proven, non-greasy and a boon for parents indeed! 
    • Made of silicone elastomers, SkinEasi Diaper Rash Gel is very gentle on the baby’s skin and doesn’t have a strong fragrance either.
    • This gel is not like any other creams for nappy rash. Unlike most anti-rash products, this gel’s Unique Protective Layer Technology builds a strong protective layer that makes sure it doesn’t rub off on the diaper due to your baby’s movements.
    • The robust protective shield works as a wall keeping your baby’s skin away from faecal matter and urine.

    If you take diaper rash prevention measures at the right time and use the right kind of diaper rash solutions, your baby will be at ease for the longest time and you wouldn’t have to worry about their skin getting irritated. While it is no serious reason to panic, it may lead to grave conditions if not treated at the right time. Be  careful and take care.