Winter Skincare Essentials for Moms and Babies

Winter Skincare Essentials for Moms and Babies

The days are getting shorter and the sun is growing milder as we head into the cold season. The consistent drop in temperature followed by a general dryness in the air can adversely affect skin health among adults and infants. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a winter-specific skincare regimen with products that are gentle and clean. 

A few tips to maintain good skin health

  • Avoid long and hot showers. A lukewarm bath is a better alternative as it is milder on the skin and prevents irritation, chapping, and problems caused by excessive dryness.
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure that the baby and the mother are always consuming good amount of fluids all day long. Generally, in the colder months, most people have the tendency to reduce their water intake. It is a good idea to mindfully change that. 
  • Consuming foods with high water content is also great to keep the skin healthy in winters. 
  • Keep the baby bundled up well to prevent any moisture loss due to exposure to dry air. 

Winter skincare essentials for new mothers

Winter skincare is all about retaining the moisture in your skin. Therefore, you should look for hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter in the skincare products you choose. At the same time, it is important to be mindful about the extra care your skin may need when you are a new mother. Calming fragrances, natural skincare and baby-safe potions should be the criteria for choosing your skincare essentials. 

Furthermore, several new mothers have concerns about dry and flaky skin. If your usual skincare regimen is not helping remedy these conditions, seeking professional advice might be a great idea. 

To make it easier for you to have your skincare put together, we have narrowed down from the vast range of serums and exfoliators out there. 

1. Body butter

Fluffy, heavy, and more appealing than conventional body lotions, body butters are a must-have skincare product for new mothers. These hydrate deeply and soothe the skin, alleviating sensitivity and dryness. You can apply before bedtime and leave them overnight for maximum benefit.

2. Hand cream

With frequent nappy changes and handling baby clothes, your hands would need extra pampering. Remember that the skin of the hands are similar to that of the face. So, the way you take care of your face to prevent fine lines, you should invest in a quality hand cream that can keep your hands feeling soft and hydrated throughout the winter months.

3. Moisturizing face creams and serums

Look for moisturizers that are best suited to your skin type. Miracle ingredients like collagen, vitamin C and retinol are always the go-to recommendations from dermatologists worldwide. 

4. Sunblock

Always use sunblock as the final step in your skincare. Once all the serums and creams have soaked in, applying a generous quantity of sunblock can prevent harm from UVA rays that can reach you indoors.

5. Anti-rash Cream or a Gel

Much required for round the clock protection for your skin. An anti-rash Gel like SkinEasi regina is a must have. It guards your skin like a barrier and a shield from friction, rashes and everyday issues. It stays on your skin for long hours and is sweat and water proof.

Winter skincare essentials for babies

If your baby’s skin is not protected and moisturized well, it can lead to irritation and often painful skin problems. Therefore, it is vital to have the following essentials in your winter baby care arsenal. 

1. Baby moisturizing cream:

Moisturizing creams for babies are formulated to be extra mild and hydrating. They are mostly chemical-free and contain natural extracts that do not cause any harm (unless your baby is allergic to a specific ingredient. In that case, please seek the doctor’s advice.) Look for products that do not have strong scents and read the labels carefully. If you are suspicious about anything, it is better to go for a different brand or product type.

2. Baby body oil:

Massage oils for babies are a great way to keep the body warm and improve their blood circulation. Using baby oil before the baby’s bath time has been a favorite baby-care practice for years.

3. Diaper Rash Creams/Gels: 

A good Diaper Rash solution  is required in this weather to protect your baby's sensitive skin from nappy rashes. Most of the babies have skin that is prone to rashes every now and then but with the right kind of solution you can easily get rid of these rashes.

4. Moisturizing baby soap:

Go for unscented, gentle baby soaps that do not dry up the skin. Again, reading the labels would be helpful in identifying which type of soaps should and should not be used in winters.

5. Water-resistant sunscreen for babies:

If you plan to travel with your baby or even if you want to take the baby out for some natural vitamin D, measures must be taken to block harmful UV rays. However, do not use adult sunblock on baby skin. Look for sunscreens that are specifically meant for newborns or for a certain young age group.

6. Winter lotion for babies:

Before bedtime, lotions are the best way to keep the baby skin hydrated. They are non sticky and keep the skin nourished all over the body as the baby drifts away into its world of dreams. 

The bottom line

With hydration as the buzz word, it is essential for mothers and babies to be pampered with the most recommended skin care regimen. Therefore, if you are doubtful about any of the above essentials or if a specific ingredient is not working for you or your baby, consulting a dermatologist and your pediatrician would help get the solutions you need.