Runners Rash

What is Runner’s Rash?


Chafing is a common skin irritation problem that is usually caused by repetitive friction, mainly generated through skin-to-skin or clothing-to-skin contact. This irksome skin issue can occur due to a number of things, ranging from gentle to perilous and can come about anywhere on your body. 

Running Blisters


Does the very thought of running gets you in two minds about lacing up your shoes? Well we hear you! You hit the road with elevated energy levels and as you pace up the speed, you begin to feel an annoying and discomforting sensation…Ouch!

Nothing ruins a good run like the pesky phenomenon of CHAFING. During running activity, most rashes that occur are a result of abrasion between bare skin or by your clothes rubbing against areas of bare skin. A small seam that rubs onto your skin leads to skin eruption, causing hours of misery afterward. Clothes that are too tight or made from unsuitable fabric can cause moisture to cling to your skin rather than wicking away from it. It doesn’t take a great deal of wetness and friction combo to create the perfect storm as far as rashes go. Also running in the heat or running for longer timescale increases perspiration and your chances of developing a quick rash. This is suffered by both men and women, and is not limited to just one body part.


Prevent Blisters

For runners, it commonly  crops up in the inner thighs, upper thighs, inner glutes, groin area, armpits, and even the nipples. You may also encounter chafing where bra straps rub against your shoulders or back and even under the boobs. A heart rate monitoring strap or a cell phone armband could also contribute to this exasperating issue. Also your skin might chafe where your socks or shoes hit against your ankles.

The most frequent ones:

  •   CHUB RUB

An uncomfortable reality, Inner thigh rashes often known as ‘chub-rub’ tends to be most common with runners due to the repetitive running motion combined with moisture from sweat and clothing that rubs on skin. For some its an uncomfortable friction, for others it can literally sting or turn into a wound.

Rash while Running



Both men and women runners suffer from groin sweating and groin chafing, regardless of the usual stance that it’s only men that experience this unpleasant issue. The repetitive friction caused by the continuous movement wears down the outer-most protective layer of the skin, causing sores and painful reddened patches to develop. Since the groin area is always hidden under the clothes, sweat develops easily in this sensitive region, further adding to the problem.

Groin Rash

Men might be astounded to know that it’s not just women who deal with nipple chafing. Technically known as a fissure of the nipple, nipple chafing or “Runner’s nipple” is caused by irritation of one or both nipples due to pressure or friction usually from clothing. The layer of skin surrounding your nipple is especially thin, making it even more susceptible to chafing and irritation. This is most commonly seen in male runners wearing shirts made of hard fibers, such as cotton, after long runs. Female runners less commonly suffer nipple chafing due to the protection from soft padding in sports brassieres.


The skin under your arms is definitely not off the hook, especially for the running enthusiasts as it is a prime area for chafing due to your sweat glands. Due to the repetitive motion of lifting and pumping your arms back and forth combined with dryness and sweat, the area under your arms becomes inflamed causing stinging or burning sensation.


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Anti Rash Gel