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Inner Thigh Chafing Foot Blisters

Chafing usually happens where there is skin-to-skin contact, like the groin or inner thigh area -  common among men—or even the armpits. It also happens in places like nipples, where clothing can aggressively rub against the skin, like in the case of distance runners. The combination of moisture, sweat and friction is a recipe for irritated and chafed skin. As uncomfortable as it is, chafing is completely preventable. Here’s our quick guide on how to prevent chafing and make sure it doesn’t ruin your everyday life!

Jock Itch Rash

Groin Chafing | Jock Itch

Chafing in the groin area is common amongst bikers, runners, sports persons and also those who work in hot and humid climate conditions. Groin chafing occurs due to repetitive motions like running or heavy workouts.

JOCK ITCH, also known as Tinea Cruris is another common fungal infection in men around the groin, inner thigh or buttock area which spreads out in a gradual manner. This happens when moisture gets trapped between the scrotum and thigh area easily, and thi fungus prospers in warm and moist areas of the body.

Signs Of Groin Chafing

Persistent itching | Occasional blisters at the border of the rash | Burning sensation and pain | Occurs mostly in the area between the inner thigh and groin, and along the scrotum and penis

How to Prevent Groin Chafing

Good Skin-barrier

Groin chafing can be prevented with a good anti-chafing gel that helps in reducing friction and irritation. SkinEasi activ’s non-greasy, anti-friction formulation provides a breathable barrier on the skin protecting it from irritation and friction for long hours.

Practicing Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene is the best defense against jock itch or inner thigh chafing as washing frequently and keeping the area dry prevents fungal development

Air Circulation

Choose underwears that allows air to circulate around the groin. Avoid cotton and go for a synthetic material that draws the moisture away from sweat-prone areas

Nipple Chafing

Nipple Chafing | Nipple Bleeding

Nipple chafing is extremely common in runners and is also known as “jogger’s nipple.” Nipple bleeding or chafing is more common in runners who run long distances when the clothes rub against the erect nipples and cause chafing and continuous bleeding in some cases.

Signs Of Nipple Chafing

Burning and stinging sensation | Redness | Bleeding | Flaked skin

How To Prevent Nipple Chafing


Protection is the key to keeping Nipple chafing at bay. Keep the area covered with SkinEasi activ, anti chafing gel. For nipple areas, it is recommended to apply twice. Let the first layer dry up and then apply a second layer. It will protect your nipples from chafing and bleeding for long hours.

Dry and Clean

Keeping the area clean and dry is important. Do not rely on tapes to prevent Nipple Bleed as they will come out when you sweat.

Butt Chafing

Butt Chafing | Saddle Sores:

A saddle sore is a skin condition that develops on the buttocks due to prolonged abrasion during bike rides.. The uncomfortable, annoying by-product of cycling can ruin a perfectly blissful ride.

How To Prevent Butt Chafing

Thin Application

A thin application of an anti-saddle sore gel can go a long way in making your riding experience as blissful as it should be. SkinEasi activ is a silicone-based gel that forms an invisible and breathable protective film on the affected area/ area prone to chafing and thus prevents friction which worsens saddle sores. Say good bye to Saddle sores, Butt-chafing & Painful rides with dermatologically tested SkinEasi activ.

Selecting Right Clothes

Selecting the right pair of cycling shorts can go a long way in preventing and managing saddle sores. Choosing shorts that don’t block moisture is important in to prevent chafing and irritation of the surrounding skin.

Choosing The Right Saddle

Choosing the right saddle for your cycle plays a huge role in comfort. A saddle that is too wide rub against your thighs and a narrow saddle doesn’t provide enough support to your sit bones, resulting in bruising and irritation. A saddle that’s perfectly right for you can only be chosen through trial and error and some patience.

Toe Blisters

Foot Blisters | Toe Blisters

Foot Blisters or Shoebites, as the name suggests are red, painful, raised areas along your feet and heels that resemble fluid-filled bubbles that are the inevitable part of a running or a constant physical activity. Dealing with these blisters for marathon runners is an absolute pain during the races. 

Blisters are the most common foot injury in sports and the three major contributors to running blisters on the skin include heat, moisture and friction. The constant pressure and irritation form this blister or chafing on your foot.

How To Prevent Foot / Toe Blisters

Second Skin barrier

Application of specially formulated anti-chafing gel SkinEasi activ acts as a Second Skin barrier and helps in reducing friction by keeping skin-to-skin or skin-to-shoe areas adequately. A single application creates a dry, invisible, non-greasy barrier layer between your feet and shoes.

Wear The Right Gear

Wear the right gear. Ill-fitted shoes can increase your chances of getting a blister because they impart more pressure and friction on your feet. The ideal shoe should have half an inch of gap between your toe and the tip of the shoe and should be adequately padded along pressure points.

Most running blisters, if attended to correctly, tend to heal on their own within a week or two and do not pose a serious health risk. Precautions taken before or after a blister pops up goes a long way in curbing the spread of infection.

Armpit Chafing

Underarm Chafing | Armpit Chafing

One of the most  common type of chafing amongst athletes, runners, sportspersons or even overweight people, and anyone who does repetitive or strenuous movement  for longer hours. 

The primary cause of underarm chafing or armpit chafing is friction. When your skin rubs aggressively and repeatedly against fabric or another layer of skin, it can lead to irritation.

How To Prevent Underarm Chafing

Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothing always helps. Opt for clothes with flatlock seams as it minimizes the chances of irritation or friction during movements. Also, go for moisture-wicking workout gear & undergarments. which ensures the skin remains dry no matter how much you sweat.


Cleanliness is vital for skin health. Always wear fresh clothes before starting the run. Taking a Shower immediately after every run, preferably with an antibacterial or antimicrobial soap can prevent chafing or rashes.

Reducing Friction

SkinEasi activ anti-chafing gels are specially formulated to prevent all types of chafing by reducing friction. A single application of SkinEasi activ, before you begin your run, is one of the most effective methods to prevent underarm chafing when running. Ideal for all skin types, this gel is made of skin-friendly silicone elastomers using a patented technology - one of its kind in India.

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