The Problem

Chafing: The bane of runners and what you can do about it

If you’re a runner, then you’ve been here. You’re chafing. Chafing is a problem that unfortunately most runners are familiar with. It is the agonising discomfort caused by the rubbing of skin on skin or skin on clothing.

With every step forward and every swing of your arm, the touch of skin on skin, the roughness of fabric against your chest, every movement is agony. The problem is often compounded by the inadequate, makeshift solutions that runners have to resort to, from greasy petroleum jelly that has to be reapplied frequently, adhesive shields that don’t allow sweat to evaporate, to multi-layered clothing which is not suitable for typical Indian conditions.

Many assume that you cannot prevent or completely avoid chafing, if you’re running every day. SkinEasi activ begs to differ. With patented second skin technology SkinEasi activ is specially formulated for Indian conditions, to fight this unique combination of issues that runners face.

The Solution

SkinEasiTM activ, for the first time in India

SkinEasi activ is a unique anti-chafing solution. Apply just a small amount on the chafing-prone parts before running, to instantly create a breathable, non-greasy, long-lasting and water-repellent barrier that is so much like a ‘second skin’ that you won’t even notice after application.

Try SkinEasi once and you’ll never run without it. This is a must-have for the Indian running enthusiast. It’s unique patented technology, has been carefully developed to be ideal for Indian conditions. Perfectly suited for intense, prolonged physical activity, no matter what the weather, SkinEasi will keep you active through heat, humidity, cold or rain.

Skin Easi ActiveMakeshift Solutions
Petroleum JellyTapes & Adhesive ShieldsMulti-Layered Clothing
Non staining, Non greasy
Invisible to touch and feel,
Won't notice after application
Suitable for tropical Indian conditions
Self-adjusting to Sebum
Long lasting for at least 8 hours of intense activity

The science behind SkinEasiTM activ

SkinEasiTM is a range of dermatological products that use unique patent protected, EPB (Elastomer Potentiated Barrier) technology.

Specially designed for everyday use during intense sporting activities, SkinEasi activ prevents chafing and provides immediate relief from the problems caused by chafing – the discomfort caused by the rubbing of skin on skin or skin on clothing. Spreading a small quantity of the gel leaves a thin barrier that adheres to the skin and is resistant to wearing off, acting like a ‘second skin’ that ensures total comfort for extended hours of sporting activity. This second skin is designed to be completely unobtrusive, will not be noticed after application and is suitable for everyday use.

Immediate Action

Soothes and prevents chafing within seconds of application.

Non-Medicated, Non-allergic

Preservative, fragrance, colour and dye-free.

Long Lasting

Lasts through at least 8 hours of intense activity

High Spreadability

A little goes a long way.


Colourless, odourless and unnoticeable after application.


Non-occlusive and non-greasy, it allows sweat to pass through freely.


Soothing, a protective barrier, self-adjusting to sebum without oiliness.


Works just as well in the swimming pool.

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