Skineasi Skineasi
Skineasi Skineasi
Skineasi Skineasi

SkinEasi® prevents rashes and blisters before they cause pain

Stay chafe and blister-free using SkinEasi® gel - India's first patented, silicone based
anti-friction and anti-chafing gel

Why you will love SkinEasi?

Immediate Action - SkinEasi

Immediate Action

Soothes and prevents chafing
within seconds of application.

Non-Medicated, Non-allergic

Preservative, fragrance, colour and

Long Lasting

Lasts through at least 8 hours of
intense activity.

High Spreadability

A little goes a long way.


Colourless, odourless and
unnoticeable after application.


Non-occlusive and non-greasy, it
allows sweat to pass through


Soothing, a protective barrier, self-
adjusting to sebum without


Works just as well in the swimming

What they said.....

Skineasi Skineasi

Chafing is a painful challenge faced by most runners. I have used SkinEasi® gel recently and it really works great for long-distance runs.

Pushpa Bhatt

Skineasi Skineasi

SkinEasi® has so many factors that make it a perfect companion for runners. It’s very smooth and effective, is sweat-resistant, doesn’t stain clothing, doesn’t have any reactions on the skin and is convenient to carry in a pocket for re-applying mid-race. This made in India product has become as important as my water bottle during my long runs.

Himanshu Roongta

Skineasi Skineasi

SkinEasi® activ is easy-to-apply and provides a lot of comfort while running. It works like a miracle and I am really happy with this product. Thank you!

Himanshu B Dhoria