Jock Itch Rash

Everything You Wanted to Know About Jock Itch


JOCK ITCH a.k.a Tinea Cruris is a common fungal infection of the skin in the groin, inner thigh or buttock area which spreads out in a gradual manner. It is a type of ringworm that is much more common among men as moisture can get trapped between the scrotum and thigh area easily, and this fungus likes to prosper in warm and moist areas of the body. The fungus that most commonly causes jock itch rash is called Trichophyton rubrum.

Jock Itch Rash


  • People who wear tight clothing for prolonged periods as tight fabrics trap moisture against skin and create an optimal environment for fungus to grow
  • People with active lifestyle generally sweat profusely and their skin becomes most suitable for fungus to thrive
  • Obese people have more skin folds, which is the best zone for fungal infections to occur such as jock itch
  • People who are diabetic are more prone to skin infections including jock itch
  • Teenagers or young adults are more exposed to having this kind of fungal infection
  • People with weak immune system are more likely to develop such infection
  • People who come in contact with something or someone already infected
  • Infrequent showering


It all starts with a mild itch! A jock itch usually shows up as rashes with patches that maybe red, raised and scaly around the edges and can ooze fluid in some cases. Other symptoms include –

Jock Itch Symptoms

  • Persistent itching
  • Occasional blisters at the border of the rash
  • Burning sensation and pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • The center of the rash is reddish-brown
  • Bad odor
  • Cracking, flaking or peeling skin
  • Rash that gets worse with exercise or activity


Your doctor can often diagnose jock itch by looking at the rash or by simply performing a physical exam and inspecting the infected area. If the diagnosis isn't clear, your doctor may take some scrapings of the skin cells or samples from the infected area for study under a microscope. Testing samples is generally suggested before starting oral medicines for this infection. Testing may also be recommended if your jock itch is not responding to treatment.


It is imperative to treat jock itch immediately upon its arrival or else it can last months. Treatment mainly depends upon factors like the exact cause and the severity of it. This fungal infection is best treated with anti-fungal topical ointments/creams/powder since the fungus effects only the top layer of skin. For patients who aren’t responding to topical application, anti-fungal drugs are prescribed for oral administration. In some cases, a combination of both oral and topical are recommended.


To prevent jock itch from occurring or re-occurring, take the below mentioned measures –

  • Practicing good hygiene is the best defense against jock itch as washing frequently and keeping the area dry prevents fungal development
  • Loosen up by not wearing tight fitting clothing or innerwear in order to avoid rubbing and chafing as tight fits can put you at higher risk of getting jock itch
  • Do not share items such as towels, clothing or anything that has close proximity to your intimate regions as jock itch thrives in and travels through these objects
  • Jock Itch can be prevented by using a skin barrier gel like SkinEasi activ, to areas likely to be affected
  • Other fungal infections, like athlete’s foot can also spread to your groin causing jock itch so treat it immediately

Do only athletes get jock itch?

The term “jock itch” makes one think that only athletes might develop the infection, but in reality it can happen to anyone. Overweight and obese people are more likely to experience jock itch because the fungus thrives in folds of skin, which are prone to sweating.

As a preventive measure, it’s important to wash with soap and water in your groin and armpit areas daily. Prolonged exposure to moisture and friction from clothes can also trigger jock itch. Use a Skin Rash Gel to prevent the occurrence and severity of this condition

When to see a doctor

Although jock itch is not a serious issue, a doctor will look at a persistent skin rash in order to rule out any serious conditions. A person with jock itch should see a doctor if other treatments do not work, or if the rash worsens.

Jock itch is not a life-threatening or harmful fungal infection. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key.