Spring Break

Spring Break and Travel during the Pandemic

Planning your spring vacation?

Planning your spring vacation


Nature is in full bloom and we can’t wait to get out and about and explore it. But with the pandemic still lurking and the rules of the new normal, vacations and exploration cannot stay the same. That does not mean we cannot get out much deserved break and a happy spring break.

It’s been a challenging and long year and if you have been waiting for a break from the monotony, work from home, online school and the never-ending effects of this pandemic, you are not alone. While it is a given that we all need a break, it is important to stay safe and follow the SOPs during travel and vacation, keeping in mind the safety of ourselves and others around us.

With vaccinations still in the early stages and Covid mutants emerging, planning the far-flung vacation or participating in large gatherings is definitely not advised or possible. It has been undoubtedly proved that these incidents lead to spurts in number of positive cases.

Wear mask

Here are a few tips we have for you to make your spring vacation safer than ever.

Plan road trips – travelling in your own car will ensure that you don’t come in contact with others and do not pass on any possible illness to others. It is one of the safest bets to travel, if you must.

Carry enough food and water – Carry enough snacks or quick bites for road trips and also remember to carry water bottles so that you can avoid stops for these on the way to your destination. Carrying some basic groceries can also help if the accommodation has a facility to do some basic cooking.

Choosing destinations – Avoid choosing destinations that may be over-crowded or that are popular. Choose off beat destinations and double up as perfect get-aways offering the much-needed peace and respite from the busy schedules and safety too. Choosing to go camping, hiking and outdoor areas where it is easier to maintain social distancing will definitely be a wise choice.

Eating out – If you must eat out, choose open dining areas and have your masks on while placing orders or coming in close proximity to others. Choose freshly cooked meals and be careful with the drinking water. Drinking hot water is safer bet as boiled water is germ free.

careful with the drinking water

SOP is the buzz word – Carrying sanitizer sprays and wipes is essential. Sanitize hands after touching surfaces that may be contaminated and use wipes to quickly clean toilet seats and also other surfaces before using them. Always follow social distancing and wear masks, preferably double-layered masks when possible. Carry extra masks which will come in handy in case you misplace masks.

Carrying sanitizer sprays and mask

Better to stay safe than sorry – It is a good idea and a responsible choice to get yourself and your entire family tested if you/entire family is travelling. Carrying test results with you while travelling can also help. Testing before travelling will ensure that you avoid travel while you may be an asymptomatic carrier. Getting vaccinations if applicable is also the right thing to do.

Air travel – If you must travel by air or other means of public transport, do so only if you absolutely must. Use judgement and keep in mind the necessity of travel. Cooperate with airport authorities and follow all protocol before air travel. Wear masks at all times and get yourself tested before travelling. Take extra precautions at airport lounges to maintain social distancing by not sitting close to others and keep sanitizers handy.

Avoid unnecessary travel

Avoid unnecessary travel – Do not travel to attend a family function or event, to be a part of a large gathering or party. Many positive clusters have come to be due to these unnecessary events. Being responsible towards ourselves and others is of primary importance to fight through this pandemic.

With these tips in mind, we all can contribute in travelling responsible and wisely while staying safe and still having a nice holiday.