Men Intimate Hygiene

Why Men need to care about Intimate Hygiene?


The territory in your boxers is only and only yours and like every other part of the body it needs to be taken care of. About 3 out of 4 men experience some sort of discomfort down south but many of them have a habit of overlooking the grooming and hygiene aspects of their intimate parts. Also, this matter is seldom spoken about and swept under the rug. Equivalent to female hygiene, male hygiene is a crucial matter for personal, social, mental health or simply as a way of life and must be given the same time and attention that we give to the hygiene for the rest of our body.


Men have every reason to worry about their intimate area hygiene as poor hygiene down there may lead to some serious and some not so serious repercussions. The masculine gender may experience issues such as foul odor in and around your genital area, bumps, rashes, itching, burning, as well as increased risk of penile yeast infection, impacting your overall health including sexual health. In some cases, infection or inflammation may become serious if not tended to on time like Fungal Groin Infection, UTI, Candidiasis, Herpes, Male Thrush, Balanitis, Phimosis amongst others. All these reasons can’t stress enough on the fact that Intimate hygiene is imperative not only for keeping yourself immaculate but building up your self-confidence without having to face any uncomfortable moments.

Intimate hygiene

How exactly should you take care of it?

Following are some of the hygiene tips that men should follow to stay on top of things :

  • Bathe every day and while doing so wash the genital area with warm water especially the glans with mild soap and water. Pull back the foreskin, wash underneath and around the glans else a cheesy-looking substance called Smegma (a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist) may begin to gather. It can start to smell and become a hotbed for germs.

hygiene tips for men

  • Avoid using strong anti-bacterial soaps in and around private area as these will kill the useful bacteria beneath the foreskin. Besides mild soaps, there are plenty of products available in the market such as Intimate Wash, that provides you with a deep and thorough cleansing experience while taking care of your intimate hygiene.
  • For men with more than one or multiple sex partners, wash the area thoroughly with warm water and mild cleanser after every sexual encounter even if wearing a condom, to prevent bacterial build-up and unpleasant smell arising. This is to avoid the spread of other infections from one partner to the next.
  • Change your underwear every day and ensure that the genital area stays dry. If possible, wear loose fitting cotton underwear as cotton fabric absorbs perspiration and reduces the chance of build-up and subsequent aromas and keeps the genital area free from moisture.
  • After urinating or a bowel movement, use a tissue and/or water to clean and dry the genitals. Drop(s) of urine after nature’s call may cause infections.
  • Do not apply aftershaves, powders or deodorants directly to the genital area as all these skin products can irritate the skin down there badly.
  • You must make it a habit to wash your hands after urinating and after cleaning the anus as germs can easily spread through hands.