CEO’S DESK : Five Path-breaking Years at Amaterasu!

CEO’S DESK : Five Path-breaking Years at Amaterasu!


As you read this, we will have completed five fulfilling years of our existence at Amaterasu.  This has been a milestone year for us and it fills my heart with immense pride and joy to share a wonderful piece of news with you all.

The last two years have been the toughest for most of us. We experienced a pandemic that  enveloped the entire globe and changed things permanently. It transformed the way we live, work, learn, access information, and a lot more which will surface in the years to come. 

However, there’s a silver lining to everything. The initiative that we took in 2018, when we collaborated with Institute of Chemical Technology, under the partnership with Professor Padma Devrajan (ICT), to work on the innovative malaria treatment product and research, has been the most rewarding experience for us.


It is an incredible honour for our team to announce that we have recently been awarded the  prestigious BIG (The Biotechnology Ignition Grant) grant under the Drugs and Drug delivery category as funding support for our innovative single dose injection for treatment of Malaria 

 Our proposal ‘Innovative single dose injection therapy for treatment of malaria - SiDMI Single Dose antiMalarial Injection’ - was approved  by both the technical expert panel (TEP) and the Expert Selection Committee (ESC) members. The process included an extensive challenge and validation of the technology and its business potential from the BIRAC experts panel which included well renowned and experienced professionals from the industry and academia. It was also a great learning experience for our team and we are grateful for the valuable inputs from all the experts. This validates our team’s efforts in identifying unmet patient needs and developing appropriate solutions for therapy with a huge market potential.

BIG is the flagship programme of BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council), a Government of India Enterprise for promoting innovations in Biotechnology. It is the largest early stage biotech funding programme in india. 


We started Amaterasu Lifesciences, with a simple mission. To develop technologies and products that meet some unmet need areas. We thrive on Innovation and Customer focus. Our research pipeline  includes game-changing technologies, in collaboration with these brilliant research groups. Our R&D experimentation undergoes a lot of scientific rigours. We test and check and recheck multiple times that the product meets pre-specified performance, quality and safety criteria .

As a company we have undergone a remarkable evolution in the past five years, and at the same time we consistently pursue our vision of collaborations with various academic and industry organisations to reach our goals as we believe that success achieved in this way is more meaningful for our society. We value and respect all our stakeholders, be it our customers who use our products or our research partners or our various supply chain and marketing partners or government agencies and organisations which support startups like ours.

In keeping with that spirit, our commitment to delivering better & more innovative products in the future is even more concrete and strong, thanks to people like you who gave us an opportunity to do so. Thank you for your interest, support and invaluable inputs. We will continue to do everything we can to remain worthy of this love and faith.

Please take care and stay safe & healthy.

​​Maharukh T. Rustomjee

Founder & CEO, 

Amaterasu Lifesciences