Your Ultimate Guide To Pre and Post-Holi Skincare 

Spring is in the air and our spirits are high as the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi is fast approaching. It’s that time of the year where vivid hues taint the sky and celebrations know no bounds. But before you set out to party and welcome the merriment and vibrancy of this festival in all its pastel colors, make sure that your skin is ready too! 


It's all fun and frolic when you're out there playing with colors and water in the torrid heat of the afternoon, what comes after the sun has set is the dreaded thought of the aftermath your skin may face. Skin rashes, Skin allergies, chafed skin and acne breakouts are quite common after playing with these colors

 Don’t fret, we got you covered…. Soak in the festive zeal with some easy-peasy tips that are going to be your skincare’s knight in shining armour, pre and post Holi. 

Pre-Holi Skincare Pointers –


Prepping your skin before the start of the festivities is most imperative. Before heading out to paint the town red, make sure to moisturize your skin thoroughly with a good moisturizer on all the exposed areas to prevent the drying effects of the harsh Holi colours. Another great option is to slather your face and other exposed body parts with oil making sure to massage it well into your skin. The nourishing oil not only keeps your skin hydrated but also acts as a barrier between your skin and the colour, dirt and dust. You may use coconut oil or olive oil if you have dry skin, or almond oil if you have an acne prone skin.

A brilliant idea though is to use an anti-chafing cream or a barrier gel for a day long protection against frictional rashes. It covers you like a protective shield for 8+ hours!


One of the most essential pre-Holi skincare tips is to wear sunscreen at all times as we are constantly exposed to the sun while playing outdoors. Cover your skin with generous amount of sunblock with an SPF higher than 30 that will shield your skin from sun damage and minimize photo-ageing. Go for a sweat proof & water proof sunscreen formula, so that it does not melt or come off easily. Put on the sunscreen on to your neck, hands & other bare parts of the body, besides your face.


Holi colours can stain your nails and also settle inside them which may take forever to come off. The best way to prevent this is by trimming your nails shorter leaving little scope of colors settling down in them. Oil your nails with a bit of oil followed by multiple coats of transparent varnish or any shade nail paint on your nails. For your lips and ears, use a thick layer of petroleum jelly leaving little scope for colours to settle in. 


The more you are covered, less are the chances of your skin getting damaged. Try wearing clothes that cover most of your skin to avoid the direct contact with colours as well as from the UV rays. Go for lighter breathable fabrics and nothing too heavy or bulky.

Post-Holi Skincare Pointers –


After dusting off excess colour, wash off your face and body with plain water followed by a gentle facial oil cleanser to get rid of the grime trapped inside your pores. Be gentle and rub in circular motions for a maximum impact. Next, use of a non-irritating toner will help unclog pores and maintain your skin’s pH balance. Finally end this step with a good hydrating moisturizer since the colours tend to steal away your skin’s moisture. 


Another important tip is to hydrate your skin with some extra TLC. Use a hydrating sheet mask or a home-made mask to help retain the moisture and ease all sorts of skin irritations if any. Also, use hydrating sleeping mask, eye and lip mask before dozing off to rejuvenate your skin. 

And that’s a wrap! Play safe and look your best, before and after. HAPPY HOLI….