SkinEasi® leaves a breathable, non-greasy, long-lasting (even in water) barrier on your skin – so much like a ‘second skin’ that you won’t even notice it after application. It prevents chafing and is safe for everyday use.
Apply SkinEasi® before starting any activity that is likely to cause chafing. While SkinEasi® activ works best as a preventative measure, application on already chafed skin inhibits worsening of condition. However, do not apply on broken or oozing skin. If discomfort from chafing, soreness or rubbing extends beyond seven days please consult a doctor.
  • Spread a very small amount of gel on skin prone to chafing (discomfort due to rubbing of skin on skin or skin on clothing).
  • Use prior to activities like walking, playing sports, swimming, etc.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.

*EPB Technology – Elastomer Potentiated Barrier Technology

  • Elastomer materials are solids with elastic properties, made of polymers that acquire a final slightly crosslinked structure.
  • The main characteristic of elastomers is the high elongation and flexibility or elasticity of these materials, against its breaking or cracking.
  • They deform easily forming highly flexible and elastic layer on the applied surface.
  • SILICONE Elastomers are used widely in healthcare and Pharma applications such as pacifiers, medical prostheses, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, etc due to their excellent thermal and chemical resistance and well documented safety 1,2.

EPB technology has been experimentally designed and is based on synergistic performance derived from a proprietary formulation using silicone elastomers.

  • Quickly dries into a transparent, dry, protective barrier film on skin.
  • Film adheres to the skin
  • Elastomer barrier film cuts friction on skin surface by 80%..
  • Barrier film adheres to the skin and gives long lasting protection due to high resistance to abrasion.
  • Inhibits direct contact between skin to skin or skin to clothing thus preventing Chafing
  • Absorbs sebum and keeps dry
  • Non-occluding film ensures comfort
  • Long duration of actions ensures friction less skin surface for more than 8 hours
  • Emollient property ensures moisturization
Superior Efficacy of Elastomer Potentiated Barrier (EPB) Technology
Superior Anti-Friction
  • Work of Adhesion above 0.500 Newton.sec 3 ensure that film adheres sticks to the skin surface
  • Coefficient of friction about 0.17 MIU 4 – cuts friction by 80% on skin surface
Superior Absorption
  • Contains ultra adsorbers of sebum with a higher adsorption capacity 5
Non-Occluding & Non-Clogging:
  • Confirmed water vapour and air permeation through the film – Allows skin to breathe and sweat to escape
Long Staying Power:
  • Abrasion resistance double than that of European marketed product 6 – ensures long lasting effect and protection
Non-medicated formula
  • Uses time tested inert silicone based polymers approved for pharmaceutical usage
  • No side effects on short or long-term usage
  • Does not contain any oil or petroleum products
  • Non-staining on skin or clothing
  • Easy for application
  • No fragrance, preservatives or added colours
  • Free from any microbial contaminants
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