Skineasi® comfoot - Anti Shoe-Bite Gel

SkinEasi® comfoot - Anti Shoe-bite Gel prevents Shoe-Bites, Blisters and pain due to friction caused by heels or footwear.

Protects against: 

Foot Blisters
Friction between Skin & Shoes

How to Use:
Take a small quantity of SkinEasi comfoot on index finger & apply it evenly on shoe-bite-prone area before wearing the shoes. In less than 30 seconds it will dry to form a thin, invisible film that will protect your feet against skin-to-shoe friction.

How does it work:
SkinEasi comfoot forms a thin film of silicone within 30 seconds of its application on shoe-bite-prone areas. This film, like second skin, acts as a barrier between skin and shoe or any other foot wear thus preventing shoe-bites. The thin film formed by SkinEasi comfoot is invisible, long-lasting, non-allergenic, water-repellent and most importantly breathable unlike other make shift solutions. The thin film formed by SkinEasi comfoot not only gives silky feel to skin but also works well in presence of water or moisture.

How safe is it: 

It is absolutely safe! We have tested this for biocompatibility as per US FDA guidelines and it is proven to be non-irritating and non-sensitizing. It does not contain any allergens or harmful chemicals or animal origin ingredients and is very safe for daily use.

Is it visible on the skin?
No, it is invisible. It is colourless, odorless and so comfortable that you will not feel or experience it after a few seconds but it will remain there and protect your skin

Can I use it daily?
Skineasi comfoot can be used daily or whenever you are expected to have shoe-bites. Before you wear your heels or shoe bite causing foot wear apply small amount and spread it evenly. Stay shoe-bite free for more than 8 hours.

SkinEasi comfoot is non-medicated & free from petroleum jelly. No preservative, no perfume, no colour, no harmful chemicals. No animal origin materials. Suitable for all skin types and for all intimate areas.

A 10 gms tube lasts for atleast 20 times usage.

Delivered in: 3-7 days

Cash on Delivery Available


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