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SkinEasi® comfoot Anti Shoe-Bite Silicone Gel and Foot Protector (20g) (Pack of 2).

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Prevents Shoe-Bites, Blisters and Pain due to friction caused by heels or footwear – just like an invisible sock.

SkinEasi comfoot is an everyday-use silicone-based anti-shoe-bite gel to protect your feet from shoe-bites & blisters.

What is SkinEasi Comfoot?

SkinEasi Comfoot is an everyday use silicone-based anti-shoe-bite gel to protect your feet from shoe-bites & blisters.

Who should use SkinEasi Comfoot? 

Anyone who suffers frequently from shoe bites, foot blisters, raw skin or redness very often.

What does SkinEasi Comfoot do to me?
  • Protects feet against friction related damage caused by footwear.
  • Prevents shoe-bites on Achilles and between the toes.
  • Prevents blisters on the heel & bridge burns.
  • Reduces ankle friction and relieves bunion pain.
  • Prevents painful stings caused due to footwear
Why SkinEasi Comfoot?
  • Only patented anti-friction gel in India.
  • Most effective & suitable for all kinds of footwear.
  • 100% Safe for everyday use
    Used & Trusted by many.
  • Small amount keeps you going all-time long.
  • 20gms tube = 40+ times use, so complete value for money
    Prevent Shoe Bite Shoe Bite Protector SkinEasi Comfoot Gel - How to Use Shoe Bite Solutions Cream for Shoe Bite

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    How Much to Use

    "Protect Your Skin And It Will Protect You Back"

    Key Features


    How does it work?

    Skineasi comfoot forms a thin film of silicone within 30 seconds of its application on shoe-bite prone areas. This film, like second skin, acts as a barrier between skin and shoe or any other foot wear thus preventing shoe-bites. The thin film formed by Skineasi comfoot is invisible, long-lasting, non-allergenic, water-repellent and most importantly breathable unlike other make shift solutions. The thin film formed by Skineasi comfoot not only gives silky feel to skin but also works well in presence of water or moisture.

    What does it contain?

    Skineasi comfoot is a skin protectant, soothing silicone gel made of silicone elastomers, polysiloxanes, starch and silicates made using patented ‘second skin’ technology.

    How is it different from petroleum jelly or any petrolatum-based products?

    It is not oily, hence does not give a sticky feeling. It gives a silky matte-finish feel, it feels like it’s almost not there. b. It lasts long on skin thus providing long lasting protection to the skin.

    Will it come off if I sweat?

    No, it is water repellent and works well in presence of water. In fact, it will not come off even in the rain.

    What is the Shelf Life?

    48 Months from Month of Manufacture

    What is the manufacturing month?

    Aug 2021


    I face major shoe-bite issues while wearing heels. This wedding season I tried comfoot. I applied it before wearing my heels and I was surprised to see that it actually works! Throughout the rest of the evening, I did not experience any toe blisters.


    Very effective for foot blisters and shoebites!
    I love the smooth feel of this product and love skin of my feet after applying a little bit of this gel


    Came across this product recently. I don't get any shoe bites now and i can go on for long hours without worrying. Highly recommended for anyone who is prone to blisters, rashes and shoe bites!


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