Indoor Exercises

Best Indoor Exercises to Burn Calories when it's raining outside!

The monsoon in India is one of the best time of the year to experience nature in all her glory. But the monsoons are infamous for their log spell of flu, diseases and cold. The entire season is a test of one's immune system. The rainy weather not only tempts us to consume insane calories wrapped cleverly in scrumptious delicacies like "pakoras" & 'vada paav',  but it also makes us lazy and lethargic, not to mention a lost desire to go out for a run or visit a gym.

1. Spot Jogging

The best pre-workout exercise, according to fitness experts, is spot jogging because it warms up the body for the rest of the routine without endangering your muscles. The same way you run outside; you should likewise sprint indoors while moving your hands. You appear to be running but are standing still. Well, spot jogging usually results in hot, sweaty skin.

Additionally, due to the frequent movement, it is simple for your skin to brush against or against your clothing. The ideal conditions for thigh chafing are created by all that friction, heat, and wetness. Applying anti-rash gel to vulnerable areas before a run is recommended.

Spot Jogging

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks only requires your body weight, hence it is a great cardiovascular exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. In addition to increasing your heart rate and improving muscular strength and endurance, jumping jacks are a full-body workout and a  fantastic way to burn calories.

3. Burpees

Cardiovascular and weightlifting workouts should both be a part of any healthy exercise program. Burpees are the ideal exercise for using your body weight to build the muscles in your arms, chest, abs, and hamstrings. Many fitness enthusiasts swear by them.

Holding a squat position, doing a squat thrust, followed by a push-up, a frog jump, and returning to the starting position with a jump squat are the five steps of a burpee.


4. Push-ups

These are excellent exercises for your upper body. Start with three sets of 10 push-ups each, with a break of 30 seconds between sets. The golden rule is to give your muscles enough time to recover between sets. A push-up is an aerobic workout, which implies that, unlike a cardio activity, it only requires full effort for a brief period. It is helpful if you are trying to break through a workout plateau and achieve a new objective.

5. Jump Rope or Skipping

Jump roping is a quick and efficient way to start your exercise regimen. Jumping rope or skipping works the hands, legs, and core in addition to the rest of the body. For novices, experts advise skipping for five minutes. You can go up to four sets of five minutes each by gradually increasing the number of sets. Remember to wait 30 seconds between each set.

6. Yoga

As we all know, yoga is a type of spiritual exercise that unites the body, mind, and soul. Along with improving your flexibility and bringing you peace of mind, it also helps you understand your body better.

The fact that you can perform it frequently without leaving your home only strengthens its persuasiveness. According to experts, practicing Surya Namaskar, pranayama, and meditation are some of the greatest types of yoga to keep oneself in shape and healthy.

7. Planks

It is yet another excellent approach to building arm strength and to work on your core. Planks have numerous variation. Hold the position for 30 seconds at first, then gradually increase it to 120 seconds. However, the right posture and form is critical while holding a plank.


8. Squats

This is a compound exercise and works on a variety of muscles and has numerous advantages. When performing a squat, be sure to have the right form. Slightly stoop your knees while maintaining a straight back. Additionally, breathe in throughout each squat and out as you stand back up. Gradually experiment with different varieties, such as sumo and dumbbell squats.

Squats9. Weight training

You can perform strength training in the convenience of your own home. All you need to do is get some dumbbells. The dumbbells' weight should be similar to or somewhat heavier than what you have been lifting in the gym. You might also think about filling up some water bottles and using them for strength training. If done correctly, such strength exercise can help you burn roughly 200 calories each hour.

Weight training
10. Walking Lunges

To strengthen your quadriceps, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings, perform one lower-body exercise. Your legs' muscle mass, excess fat, and strength can all be improved with lunges. Throughout the activity, pay attention to how your spinal posture is aligned.

Not so tough, right?

It can be difficult, but not impossible, to stay healthy and fit during the rainy season and bad weather conditions. You may avoid becoming sick and keep up your fitness levels even during the rainy season by following this easy advice and indoor exercise suggestions. So, get dressed for exercise because it's time to start moving!

But you need to be cautious, even though you are no longer exercising, leaving damp clothing on after a run can cause skin rash chafing, skin irritation, and skin rashes.

So, despite how appealing it can be to take a nap after an indoor workout, take a brief shower, and change out of your training clothes for something dry before you unwind.