Sanitary Pad Rashes

10 Proven Tips for Rash-Free Periods

Millions of women across the globe go through the ordeal of sanitary pad rashes every month. As if periods, which seem like they have come straight from hell, were not enough! They are accompanied by irritating, pesky and painful rashes. Our bodies have to go through a lot in those 4-5 days of the month and what makes periods all the more inconvenient and messy are the godforsaken rashes. 

The sanitary pads comprise chemicals that irritate the skin around the genitals and inner thigh regions. Apart from that, you are most likely to get a period rash because of constant dampness and chafing between your legs. These days, the pads are heavily fragranced too which can lead to serious skin allergies. While maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance during your menstruation, you also need to take some conscious precautionary measures to keep the rashes at bay. Here are some effective ways that will help you for sure: 

  •  Use Anti-Rash Formulae
    Investing in a good anti-rash cream or gel is the best and most sure-shot way of bidding goodbye to your rashes. An anti-rash gel such as SkinEasi Regina Anti-Rash Gel for Women. This non-greasy, non-staining formula not just fights period rashes but also eliminates soreness and irritation in your intimate regions. Not only in periods, but this gel is also going to be your saviour on hot sweaty days which can often lead to chafing and rub-rashes. A smooth layer of its silicone formula makes it like a second skin, protecting your sensitive regions. The best part about it is that the Regina Anti-Rash Gel is invisible, breathable and repels water to keep you clean and dry all day long.
  • Prevent Period Rashes

  • The Right Clothing
    Wearing extremely tight or synthetic clothes can aggravate your rashes. They do not offer breathability, comfort or moisture-wicking properties. So, the area remains damp for a long time, turning into the perfect setup for rashes to pop up. Stick to softer fabrics like cotton and go for cosy, loose bottoms like pyjamas, joggers, or skirts. Do not make the mistake of wearing a jumpsuit because even though it may feel comfortable and look classy, you will end up spending a lot of time getting out of it and wearing it back again once you are done with your loo business. Jeans are also a big no-no, simply because of how coarse the fabric feels against the skin and the skinny ones just block all scope of breathing, it seems.
  • Make Regular Changes
    Do not forget to change your sanitary napkins at regular and frequent intervals. Although it sounds like a very basic tip, a lot of us are guilty of wearing the same pad for long hours because of a lack of clean public bathrooms, low blood flow, or simply because we are lazy! You should not wear a pad for over 3 to 4 hours. Make this a simple rule in life no matter what happens, you are going to change the pad frequently during the day. If you keep wearing the same pad for hours at a stretch, every time you take a dump or pee, the pad will come in contact with air, inviting all the germs on it. Also, it will start smelling really bad if you do not discard it on time.

  • Choose Gentle Period Supplies
    It is high time we ditch conventional, commercial sanitary pads and make choices which are environment-friendly as well as skin-friendly. Tampons, cloth napkins, period panties, and of course, the OG menstrual cups are bringing in a lot of positive change and you must make the switch too. Avoid the sanitary pads you get off of the counter as they have a plastic lining which is a disaster for sensitive skin. When it continues to rub against the skin, it causes boils, itchiness, and rashes.

  • Choose the Right Underwear
    Just picking the right, loose outfit and a soft sanitary pad is not enough. You must also make sure your panties are snug enough to provide you support but not too tight. It should hold the pad in place for hours so that it doesn’t move around too much. Also, tight underwear can bite on your waist, leaving nasty marks and rashes there. During those days, it is absolutely fine to ditch your sexy lingerie and switch to your comfortable, stretchy grandma panties. It is alright!

  • Keep It Dry
    One of the easiest and most effective ways of ensuring rash-free periods is to keep the intimate areas dry at all times so that the sweat or moisture doesn’t get absorbed in your napkin. Sweat-free pads are much cleaner, stink less, and are easy on the skin too. The absence of sweat or moisture will also ensure a decrease in the friction between your sensitive skin and the pad. This is a great way of ensuring you don’t end up with painful, inflamed rashes when Aunt P knocks at your door!

  • Maintain Hygiene
    This should be your motto not only during periods but all year round. Having said that, your body does need extra care and precaution when you are menstruating. Keep washing your vaginal area with water every time you go to the loo. You don’t need to use a soap down there too frequently as that may disturb the pH level, making the place dry and itchier, and hence, defeating the purpose. To take an extra step to ensure things are all squeaky clean there, wipe your genitals with a soft cloth whenever you can so that it remains free of bacteria.

  • Stay Away from Chemicals
    When you are menstruating, you must be clean and dry at all times. However, you must not fall for all those period-supply gimmicks that claim to make your vagina smell like a bouquet. Products with heavy chemicals, colours, or fragrances can disturb your delicate area very badly and can lead to itchiness and rashes. If you use vaginal washes, try to give them a break during those days as the area is sore and sensitive. Using a soap, cleanser or spray may worsen the condition down there.

  • Use A Warm Compress
    You will be surprised to know that hot water bags or warm compresses in general not only help with period cramps but also keep rashes at bay. Keeping warm compresses on your crotch will calm the area down, while making it all soothing and warm.  They will also make you sleep better on your worst period days.

  • On the nightmarish days of periods, women go through a lot and we won’t let rashes and soreness make things worse for us. It’s time to take things in our own control and not let anything dull our sparkle.