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Cycling During Monsoon: Tips & Precautions

If you are a cycling enthusiast and are someone who takes cycling seriously, the weather should not deter you from your cycling goals or stow away your love for the sport. Rain or shine, cycling can still be an enjoyable sport if the right precautions and care routine is adhered to. While weather plays a huge role in how you cycle and how much you can use your cycling skills, wet weather can teach you a different skill set when it comes to the sport and how you can prepare yourself better for a smooth bike ride no matter what the weather conditions are. 

Here are some tips for Cycling during Monsoon.

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The pre-ride check list:

  • Checking the weather conditions in advance helps you prepare well for a ride. This ensures that you don’t plan rides when the forecast shows extreme weather conditions. A drizzle is usually fine.
  • Make sure the air pressure in the tyre pressure is just right for your ride. Too little or too much air pressure in the tyres can make for a difficult and nasty ride. For a monsoon ride, it is wise to reduce tyre pressure by 10-15 psi so that it is to gain some much-needed traction on the tarmac. 
  • Getting your cycle monsoon-ride ready by servicing in advance is also a good idea. During monsoon, even brakes that are in good condition tend to be less effective. Checking brake pads and greasing your cycle professionally is a good way to prepare for a good, happy ride. 
  • Installing reflectors and headlamps is important since monsoon means less visibility.
  • Choose a familiar route during these rides so that you can quickly tweak your plans or even wind up a ride in case of sudden unfavourable changes in weather conditions.

Dressing for a monsoon ride:

Monsoon Rash


  • Invest in a good water-resistant anti-chafing gel which can create a thin layer of barrier between the skin and your clothes. Wet skin rubbing against clothes can cause nasty rashes that can turn a good ride into a very uncomfortable one quickly.
  • Wear a cap inside your helmet. The cap acts as good insulation against the weather and also helps in keeping water off your eyes.
  • Choose to wear full-sleeved moisture wicking jersey if the weather condition is cold. A water-resistant rain jacket can be worn over the jersey.
  • Wearing a jersey with reflective bands is also very important as visibility tends to be poor during monsoons.
  • Cycling shorts that fit just right makes pedaling easier and enjoyable. You can also choose to wear reflective bands around your ankles.
  • Choose shoes that are light weight and fit perfectly. Ill-fitting footwear causes chafing of the skin on the feet. Neoprene shoe covers are also a good bet to protect shoes from rain.

What to carry

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  • Pinch flats and punctures have always been culprits making life difficult for cyclists. Carry extra tubes and a bicycle mini pump for those much-dreaded disasters that we wish none of us encounter during a ride.
  • A basic tool kit and some first aid should also find a place in your cycling kit bag.

Hitting the tarmac right

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  • Using hand gestures while riding makes it easier for your cycling buddies to understand what you are trying to communicate during the ride. 
  • Wear transparent glasses to ensure better visibility and always be extra alert while riding on wet roads as the traction tends to be lesser and cause skids and accidents if not being careful.
  • It is known that cyclist lose a fair percentage of brake power on wet roads due to wet brake pads and rims. It is important to keep this in mind and brake a little earlier than you usually do.
  • With compromised braking efficiency, it is always good to maintain safe distance from other riders and vehicles and stay alert about potholes and oncoming traffic.

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Keeping these useful tips in mind, it is possible to enjoy a drizzle and also ensure an awesome ride.