Running During Monsoons: Dos & Dont's

Running During Monsoons: Dos & Dont's


If you are one of those who jumps into their running shoes at the break of dawn, don’t let the monsoons dampen your fitness goals. Taking the first step in less than perfect weather conditions is often hard but don’t fret about clocking those extra miles during monsoons – your body is waterproof. 

Runners Rash

Running in light to moderate rainfall is quite safe, and some may even find it therapeutic to hit the road while it’s raining but, for many it can be quite challenging to run during the monsoons especially with the downpour, wet clothing and slippery roads often acting as deterrents. The good news is, it is possible to go the distance even during the rainy weather by taking few necessary precautions. Listed below are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind before you splash through puddles on a rainy day – 



Wear clothing made of synthetic material as they dry up easily once drenched. If it’s very cold and rainy, wear a wind and moisture repelling jacket over your base layer. If you’re running on or near main roads, wear bright colored and preferably neon clothing with reflective strips on them since visibility becomes quite poor when it rains. Wear a cap with a brim to keep raindrops from falling on your face. Avoid wearing cotton clothing as they tend to soak up water and become heavy to run in. Don’t add up too many layers of clothing, as it will just get heavier and uncomfortable when wet.  


Rain and muddy weather can play havoc on your running shoes. Wear shoes with good traction and treading so that you don’t slip while it’s raining. Take a close look at the bottom of your running shoes. The grooves in the soles have to be more than a millimeter in depth. These help to repel water easily and provide a better grip on road while running. Avoid stepping into big puddles as your feet and shoe will get soaked entirely in water. Wear thinner socks that absorb less water and sweep the wetness away from your skin as cotton socks become soggy and weigh you down when wet. Once you get back from the run, stuff crumbled balls of newspaper into your shoes. This will help them dry faster, prevent any warping and absorb excess moisture from the rain. If your shoes have removable insoles, you can even pull these out after your run to let them dry. Avoid drying your shoes with a hairdryer, as it could cause them to lose shape and open up at the soles. 

Note - Never put your shoes in the clothes dryer.

Prevent Chafing


Consider leaving electronics like your cell phone at home when you run in the rain. Keeping track of your activity and staying connected while on the go are things many runners are used to. Make sure your smart watch/ fitness band is water proof and protect your mobile phone in a waterproof sleeve, if you plan to carry it.


Keep a tab on the weather forecast for the day. If there is a possibility of torrential downpour, thunderstorm or lightening in your area, postpone your run. Slow your pace while running as roads and sidewalks tend to become slippery when it rains. Avoid roads and areas that tend to flood post a heavy downpour. Heavy wind and rain can bring down branches or even uproot trees. Exercise caution when running under canopy of trees.


Avoid falling sick by taking off all wet clothing including socks and shoes as soon as you get back home and heading straight in for a warm shower to prevent muscle aches, stiffness, and blisters. If you’re still feeling cold, make sure to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sip on some hot tea or soup to stay warm and hydrated post shower.


Chafing tends to intensify during rainy season as wet clothing rubs against the skin. Before you head out, applying anti chafing products like SkinEasi® comfoot anti-shoe bite gel to sensitive areas including the feet, inner thighs and underarms, helps reduce blisters and irritated skin.

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The hardest part of running in the rain is stepping out and getting started. Once you begin, you’ll soon realize that it’s quite fun and you’ll start enjoying the running in the rain. The above-mentioned Do’s and Don’ts will definitely give you the much-needed motivation to run during the wet weather.