Everything you wanted to know about Chafing

Everything you wanted to know about Chafing


Experiencing blisters, rash, red or raw skin patches? Well you made an acquaintance with CHAFING.

Chafing is a common and pesky skin rashes & irritation problem that is usually caused by repetitive friction, mainly generated through skin-to-skin or clothing-to-skin contact. It is often accompanied by pain, stinging or burning sensation. In the lingo of science, a prime cause of this particular skin problem is that the salt in your perspiration or sweat is left behind post the liquid part has been evaporated, and these salt leftovers often intensifies the friction and inflames the skin. Depending upon mild to severe, it can be extremely uncomfortable if not tended to on time, leading to swelling, crusting, bleeding or even leading to skin infections.

Chafing Thighs


Chafing is caused by a number of things, ranging from gentle to perilous. The most common ones that contribute to the problem are:

-Repetitive friction in physical activities like running, cycling etc.
-Heat and humidity
-Sensitive skin
-Extended exposure to sweat or excess moisture
-Excess body weight
-Water from water sports
-Inappropriate sports gear like tight shoes, ill-fitting clothes etc.

     Anti Chafing Cream


    Chafing can occur anywhere on your body but the most common trouble areas are :

    –Thighs (also known as chub-rub) is most common since this area has double whammy

    -Armpits because of the high density of sweat glands.

    -Groin area is sensitive where skin folds and touches together leading to a rash.

    -Nipple area because of repeated rubbing of skin against a fabric.

    -In between the toes can be caused by excess moisture or through direct contact with skin particles.

    -In between your butt cheeks caused by sweat that traps salty residue.

    -Under the breasts because of excessive sweating and too much moisture.

    -Shoulders or back caused by bra straps or backpack straps.

    -Also, arms and legs because of excessive dryness in the skin.

    -Or any area of body where protective gears come in direct contact with body such as shin pad for footballers, groin guard for cricketers so on so forth.


    People with active way of life who work out regularly mostly experience this. If you are a sportsperson with well-built legs, then you may encounter this skin issue from time to time. Even your physical attributes can also give rise to chances of chafing.  Apart from active kinds, people who have excess weight or muscles as in case of body builders and flab are also vulnerable to chafing as for them the extra skin folds on their body causes the issue. People with disease conditions like diabetes, thyroid, etc. have sensitive skin and are more prone to chafing as are babies and old people.

     Prevent Chafing


    In literal sense you are rubbed in a wrong way!

    The earliest indication that chafing is coming about is a Hot Spot. In the same way with rashes and blisters, early detection is imperative. Have a thorough look at the affected area, the moment you feel a hot spot anywhere on your skin. Take the time to address the problem even if the area is slightly red and inflamed.

    Thigh chafing, the most common types of chafing is caused when your thighs rub against each other and cause friction. There is an increased risk for thigh chafing during sweating, either from exercise or from everyday activities like walking, running, commuting for work or travel.


    Chafing is an uncomfortable reality for many that can really throw a monkey wrench in your day to day jobs and active lifestyle. To avoid getting rubbed raw, one must fight both friction and moisture. The good news is that this issue is not the sign of major medical condition. With a proactive approach, chafing can be prevented or treated easily. 


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