Kids Entertainment Durin Lockdown

8 Brilliant ways to keep kids entertained during Lockdown


With the current pandemic and lockdown state of affairs, things aren’t easy for anyone especially for people with kids at home. With schools shut indefinitely and stepping out off the table, keeping children entertained is a whole other chore and can be extremely daunting for the parents. A lot of activities that filled up the calendar have been wiped out for the time being, which means parents are in dire need of some creative ideas and recommendations to keep their little ones occupied.

How to keep kids busy ? A Bag full of Ideas!

Whether you share the house with toddlers or teenagers, most kids have attention span of a maximum of 15 minutes, and then comes out the innocent phrase “I am bored”, Can I watch TV? Can I use the Xbox? Can I play on tab or your phone?

Here are an arsenal of activities to keep the little people busy, out of mischief and away from the blinking screen (for sometime):

1. When you can’t go out, books are a great escape

Stimulate your children to find a cozy nook and get on with reading whatever interests them. Be it physical books or audible ones, reading not only benefits them academically but it fires up their imagination while they are at home.

2. Bake/Cook together

Bake/Cook together


Yes! It can be messy but kids love dirtying their hands in the kitchen. It is an excellent way to keep them engaged and you never know as a bonus, you may just get a nice meal served on the table by your little chefs.

 3. Games all the way

Games all the way

Bring out the board games that your kids haven’t tried in ages and have a family tournament on and off. Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Cluedo, The Game of Life, Scrabble, Chess and the likes…

 4. Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts or treasure hunts is an easy and fun activity that kids enjoy immensely. Depending upon the number of articles, the game could last a while. Hide the items around the house and let your kids look for them.

 5. Picnic time

Turn your living room into a picnic place with fairy lights, sheets and whatever food is available. Take the help of your kids to set up and have your own indoor picnic on the floor along with some fun games.

 6. Involvement in household chores

Involvement in household chores

Involving kids to lend a hand in household chores is a healthy trend to keep them occupied as well as coach them about responsibilities.

7. Go all arty and crafty

Let your kid escape and go into a mindful zone of the art and craft world. There are many craft projects they can do with items that are already in your house.

8. Bank on online activities

There are a lot of interactive games and apps that will help kids learn and grow apart from keeping them engaged. Various platforms are available for them to learn a new language, skill, or just pursue a hobby.

This is really an out of the ordinary time for the tiny ‘unsung heroes’ who are trying to figure out how to cope with the imposed situation. So let’s not panic because there’s load of stuff – educational and fun, that you can fill into their day. Give them some activities that they can really get immersed into and will keep them going for hours together.