How to take care of your emotional well-being during lockdown ?

Being house bound in a fast-paced world, a world that we had set on wheels to suit our needs and schedules isn’t easy, especially when the situation is forced upon us.  While some see it as a necessary slow down, most of us aren’t comfortable with the sudden lull, loss of routine and the uncertainty lurking around. The loss of ‘normal’ and the thought of having to warm up to a ‘new normal’ in the coming days is unsettling.  Amidst all the chaos, let’s not forget the importance of our emotional well-being.  None of us has been here or done this. While lockdown is required and let’s not lose perspective of our emotional well-being during this time. 
Here are 8 ways to take care of your emotional well-being during lockdown:
1) Embrace your constants.
    Malls, cinema, pubs, a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant, that important party that you can absolutely not miss, that meeting at 11 am you can’t afford to skip – somehow all this has become irrelevant suddenly. Home, family, food on the plate and health. We have come to realize that these are the things that we can’t do without. These are the constants. The rest can be done away with if need be. The acceptance of this makes one believe that things we really need to chase are not a lot.
    2)  How much is too much?
      Waking up to a zillion WhatsApp messages updating about the Covid pandemic situation, the looming numbers, reminders about what has changed and what is lost, the news on TV with dramatic background score, the scary headlines on the newspaper – it is time to decide how you get your information and how much is enough. Remember to stay aware and updated but not drown in information overload.
      3) Don’t forget to sweat it out
      Stuck at home, managing work from home and also the sudden tasks of additional chores at home without really getting the much-needed sunshine or break from indoors can be testing. The relaxed stroll outdoors or the power packed gym session isn’t possible but that should not limit us from squeezing in a home workout. A few minutes of self-propelled or online guided workout session can go a long way in kicking in the endorphins and pepping up the mood.
      4) What to do with all the time?
      Weekdays and weekends don’t make sense in the current scenario. The too much time on hand can be relaxing and equally frustrating at times. While it is easy to Netflix your way to get through the day or binging on negativity and criticism on social media, pay attention to how much time you are spending on all this and tweak your ways to utilize this time to make that video call to a friend, check in on loved ones, relax with your favourite music or read a book. Maybe consider taking time to learn something new that has been on your bucket list.
      5) Minimalism, maybe?
      What do we ‘actually’ need to have a fulfilled day? Good food, family and a safe place to be. And we thought we needed to add all those things in our Amazon cart. Everything was just one click away and delivered the next day. Amazon says now that they are only delivering ‘essentials’ and we are having to accept it. Voila! The lack of these extra frills did not affect our lives. We are all good. So maybe, it is time to rethink our purchases and make a change towards minimalism even after this lockdown ends.
       6) The power of human connection.
      Yes, we all need time by ourselves, time with our gadgets or uninterrupted movie time. Equally important and strong are our needs for human connection. There is no better time to accept this. It is heartening to see people connect with long lost friends or just checking on them. We are all naturally wired for human connection and the more we address that need, the more we are happier from within. Never underestimate the power of talking to a loved one, a much-needed hug or even just a smile.
       7) Power up with good food and enough sleep.
      The healthiest meal that you can ever eat is the one that you have cooked yourself or the one that has been made with so much care by a loved one. The lockdown has left us with very little choice when it comes to eating. It is wise to take this chance to cook every meal knowing that with each home-made meal, we invest in ourselves and our health. Choose to eat healthy, choose to make cooking your own meal a priority.
      It is also important to pay attention to our sleep patterns. With no proper routine or schedule in place, it is easy to give in to staying up late, lose track of time and mess up with the sleep cycle. The importance of good nutrition and the quality of sleep can ensure good immunity and keep us fuelled.
       8) Reflect and Reboot.
      We know this is the time we need to step up for ourselves. While being mindful about your own safety, it is more fulfilling to be mindful of the safety of others too. Stay home and stay healthy not just for yourself but also for the safety of others around you. Check on those elderly neighbours who may need your help and extend cooperation by following Government guidelines. Because now is not the time for negative criticism or questioning guidelines and protocol. Now is the time to fight this together and emerge stronger. Now is the time to pay attention to what has to change, to stay positive, reflect and reboot towards a better tomorrow.
      We are living in unprecedented times. The prospect of the pandemic changing our lives and how the world works forever has left most of us anxious. Given the circumstances, we are all in the same curve of travel from denial to fear, learning, acceptance and growth. As long as we are moving ahead in this curve, we are doing good and helping ourselves and others around us emotionally.
      At this stage of our awareness and learning, let’s make sure that we get our facts right:
      Pass on only verified information
      Develop positive coping mechanisms and reassure others.
      We are all in this together, one day at a time, one step forward in this fight knowing in our hearts that we are tiding through difficult times, but this too shall pass.