An Open Letter From Our Founder

An Open Letter From Our Founder

Dear SkinEasi Lovers,

This week we’ve turned ONE and we wouldn’t have reached here without your unwavering love and support. 

Exactly a year ago we were all set to launch, what looked like an impossible dream. It was unnerving for sure. The year that went by was not an easy one. But we sailed through it. The unflinching trust and faith you showed in us during these turbulent times will be an indelible part of our memories. 

We built SkinEasi around the single principle of developing world class skincare products in India using rigorous scientific research & differentiated technology platforms, keeping in mind the Indian skin type and the tropical Indian weather conditions.

You gave us a chance to solve your unmet needs, a chance to excel and took the time to give us your valuable feedback. You pushed us to do better, challenged us and returned to us month after month. The journey today wouldn’t have been possible without you. You were and will always be an integral part of it. 

Our commitment to delivering better products in the future is even more concrete and strong, thanks to people like you who gave us an opportunity to do so. Today, SkinEasi is more than just a Skin care brand. It’s your confidante’ and your trusted companion who’ll never leave your side.

Thank you for every single time you chose SkinEasi to be a part of your everyday life. For all the unbiased reviews, beautiful words and candid complaints. 

We are truly blessed.  For us, there is nothing more rewarding and joyful than seeing people like you believing in us.


Maharukh T. Rustomjee

Founder & CEO, 

Amaterasu Lifesciences