SkinEasi activ : Our contribution to Frontline Health workers

SkinEasi activ : Our contribution to Frontline Health workers

The REAL face of Pandemic.

As I pen this down, we have already been through several days of lockdown. While each of us have our own share of struggles, good days and bad days, I remember how on one fine Friday morning, about 25 days into the lockdown, as I was browsing through news updates, it dawned me, how these visuals of healthcare workers wearing PPE will never leave our minds for years to come. The few minutes of wearing masks while going out is proving to be inconvenient to say the least. I can only imagine how it must be for our frontline workers wearing such gear for long periods of time, fighting this battle against Covid-19 for us to the best of their abilities.



How do we know this Science?

Sitting in the comfort of our living rooms, watching their struggles with blisters, rashes and skin irritation is a thought that gnaws at many of our minds, I am sure.

COVID warriors handling isolation wards were are greater risk of skin rashes or skin irritation due to long term usage of PPEs and their hot and humid working conditions. Since we were involved in research for barrier products for pressure ulcer we thought we have a solution for these frontline workers.

That’s how while doing some research work on our skincare products, it occurred to me that SkinEasi activ, our silicone based anti-chafing gel, can prove to be a much-needed respite to our healthcare warriors. This barrier gel forms a thin invisible, breathable and a long-lasting film on the skin, thus reducing the contact between skin and PPE/masks eliminating friction which is the root cause of all the skin issues. It works efficiently even in the presence of sweat & moisture which makes it work as a superior protectant as compared to short term solutions like petroleum jelly or moisturizers.


We found the solution!

With the SkinEasi activ in our armamentarium, we approached healthcare workers involved in Covid-19 with sheer confidence that we would be of whatever little help we can possibly offer to ease their struggles. Our enthusiasm was met with understandable eagerness by the doctors and immediately at that. This led to the challenge that logistics posed for us.

With a strong will to ensure that SkinEasi gel is made available to those who need it the most, we managed to get our logistics partner to support us to send the first 10 boxes of the gel to the healthcare workers. Dr. Dinkar Desai, President, IMA Thane supported our cause by agreeing to distribute to the Covid fighters in Thane area through his network. Thus, we started our first shipment of 640 tubes of SkinEasi Activ delivered to Dr. Dinkar.

Happy moment for us.

Positive feedback from various doctors led to MGM Hospital, Indore, requesting for our gels. More than 300 healthcare workers were fighting Covid at this hospital. We managed to get Bluedart to deliver 320 tubes to this hospital and there has been ongoing requests for SkinEasi Activ from various hospitals since.

We as a team, couldn’t have been happier in easing their struggles and contributing to the fight against this Covid war, in our own little way. We hope for better days ahead and will do everything in our abilities to work towards that.

It's time to do our bit. Every little help counts.

SkinEasi activ is one of its kind, a wonder gel that is helping our COVID warriors in providing some relief as they put themselves at risk to save millions like us who can afford to stay at home. It’s a sincere request to spread the word so that SkinEasi reaches whoever needs it. Share with people who can help in reaching out. You can Buy for doctors, nurses or any other frontline workers you know.  

Maharukh Rustomjee

For Institutions, hospitals or bulk-purchase, please contact us for Special Prices. Write to us directly at  

"Junior Doctors Association, MGM Medical College, Indore, acknowledges the receipt of Skineasi activ skin barrier gel as a generous support for prevention of skin rashes or skin irritation due to gloves, face mask or PPEs among our the healthcare team members who are fighting COVID crisis. Your kind support has added value to the dedicated work undertaken by our team. Please accept our heartiest gratitude towards your noble cause for ailing humanity" : MGM Medical College, Indore, 23 April 2020)


"IMA, Thane acknowledges the receipt of Skineasi activ skin barrier cream as a generous support for prevention of facemask or PPE rash faced by some of healthcare workers. Your support has helped the dedicated healthcare or front line workers in this time of COVID crisis. Please accept our appreciation towards your kind support" : Dr. Dinkar Desai, President IMA, Thane Chapter