Winter Foods for a Healthy Skin

Winter Foods for a Healthy Skin


Winter weather can be nasty on your skin as we struggle to adjust to the change in temperature and humidity. Cold, harsh and dry air tends to dehydrate the skin, leaving it feeling dry and lifeless. Sometimes, no amount of hydrating lotions or moisturising agents can provide a relief!

The good news is, in addition to following a winter skincare regime, tweaking your diet and incorporating a few beauty-boosting winter food ingredients can be a real game changer as it can have a notable effect on your skin’s overall health and appearance. These skin-nourishing foods moisturize your skin from the inside, giving you supple and radiating skin on the outside. 


What you eat is just as indispensable for a healthy skin as what you apply on it. Keep dryness and flakiness at bay with these super-foods that are packed with nutrients to keep your skin healthy, smooth and glowing –


Indulge in the goodness of CARROTS as they are loaded with micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other anti-oxidants. This super food helps in collagen production to retain the elasticity of the skin. These crusty delights attacks cell damaging free radicals, further preventing signs of aging like wrinkles, pigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Carrots also contain lycopene, which in addition to beta carotene, acts as a shield against UV damage.


The world cannot seem to stop gushing about AVOCADOS as they are packed with various vital antioxidants and vitamins that can help nutrify your skin from within and give a natural shine to it. In addition, this super fruit also contains monosaturated fats that helps in retaining moisture, which is especially important in the dry winter months. They also remove dead skin cells effectively from the skin.


This winter, give your skin the goodness of ALMONDS as they are an extremely rich source of the skin-beautifying antioxidant vitamin E, that keeps the blood vessels dilated in order to keep the skin hydrated and imparts smoothness to your skin. Rich in various anti-oxidants, these crunchy little nuts combat the signs of aging on your skin.


Get glowing skin this winter (and all the winters) with some citrusy goodness of CITRUS FRUITS as these are rich in collagen-supporting vitamin C and many anti-oxidants. Oranges are rich in fibre which help flush out the toxins from your body, giving your skin a shine. Grapefruits provide amino acid lycopene, which, among other things, helps the skin stay resilient against the winter elements. The antioxidants in sweet lime rejuvenates dull skin during dropping temperatures.


LEAFY GREENS like spinach, kale, mustard greens along with broccoli are bursting with vitamin K, a powerhouse nutrient and also boasts of possessing anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these greens contains zeaxanthin, a naturally-occurring antioxidant that protects skin and helps even out skin tone.


Keep your skin looking healthy and shining with the anti-oxidant rich GREEN TEA. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal damaged skin and prevent blemishes. You can increase the benefit by sipping on Matcha tea as it is made by grinding whole green tea leaves, which means you’ll take in all the benefits the tea leaves have to offer.


Winter season means your skin needs extra hydration from within if you want it to glow on the outside. Keep sipping water throughout the day because nothing beats drinking water when it comes to flushing out toxins and staying hydrated.

Make a list, follow a schedule and add these amazing foods to your winter diet and see the magical difference!