Foot Care

7 Ways To Pamper and Take Care of Your Feet

When fitness is literally keeping you on your toes, it is important to pay attention to revitalize, refresh and pamper those well-deserving feet. Keeping your feet fresh, healthy and workout ready can make a sea of a difference when it comes to having a good and enjoyable workout session. Shoes that are too tight tend to hurt your feet and lead to shoe bites.

Here are some ways to take care of your feet and give them some much needed love.

Slather on some moisturizer

Most of us suffer from dry feet every now and then. Dry feet lead to cracked heels and just skin that is prone to breaking. Your feet need as much attention as the rest of your body. Pick up a moisturizer that can deal with extra dryness or even an energizing foot cream to moisturize your feet. Foot creams containing mint can be refreshing and calming to those tired feet. Moisturizing regularly keeps those hard calluses at bay and prevents cracks.

Soak and scrub

Nothing can be as relaxing as soaking feet in a warm water bath after a long tiring day. Adding some Epsom salt or any bath salt to the bath helps to instantly rejuvenate and reduce any swelling. Using a nice foot scrub with exfoliating properties can help get rid of dead skin and keep feet looking super soft and healthy. Choose a scrub that contains natural exfoliants such as sugar, bamboo or grapeseed.

Always remember to moisturize after a good soak and scrub session as it may leave your feet feeling dry.

Indulge in a massage

Soaked, scrubbed and moisturized? Unwind and make your feet happy by giving it a massage yourself or getting a good relaxing massage from a loved one. Massages keep the circulation healthy and the feet healthy. Wearing light cotton socks before you go to bed further helps to lock in moisture and keep your feet soft.

Get regular pedicures

Prevent Shoe Bite

In addition to daily foot care, routine pedicures at the salon or at home can make you feel like a million bucks. Nothing can beat the nice feeling of clean, healthy and beautiful looking feet. A good pedicure ensures healthy skin, cuticles, nails and soles. Buffing away the dead skin, clipping toe nails and scrubbing breathes new life into dull feet. Clipping toe nails regularly is a very important part of foot care as it prevents painful in-grown toe nails.

Choose the right footwear

Shoe Bite Prevention

Whether it is a workout or your regular walking, choosing the right footwear based on the activity goes a long way in foot health. A comfortable pair of shoes that does not cramp your feet and fits like a dream is essential to have a happy and stress-free workout. Blisters caused by wearing the wrong footwear can not only cause nasty blisters, but also can cause trauma and injury to feet.

Keep them blister-free 

Running Blisters

Foot blisters due to ill-fitting footwear or constant friction is a common but annoying problem. Foot blisters can get very painful, most of them a result of friction and pressure on the skin. Using a good barrier gel & Foot-protector such as the SkinEasi Comfoot on the feet before wearing footwear creates a thin layer of barrier between the feet and the footwear, thus preventing friction and is an effective way to prevent shoe bite.

Put your feet up

Avoid Shoe Bite

Fluid and blood tend to pool in your lower limbs as the day goes on. Lying down with feet up after a long day or especially after workouts helps in reducing swelling due to pooling of fluids. Using a pillow under the knee as you put your feet up will offer good support and help in relaxing the feet well.

Your feet carry you around all day and work tirelessly for you. Follow these tips and give them the attention and love they rightly deserve because happy feet equal a happier you.

Keep your feet happy throughout the year by protecting them from friction-related skin problems such as shoe-bites, blisters, and redness by applying a few drops of our foot-protector, SkinEasi® comfoot shoe bite gel to your feet regularly.