8 Tips for a Healthier Skin this Monsoon - SkinEasi

8 Tips for a Healthier Skin this Monsoon - SkinEasi

After the scorching heat of the summer and the skin woes that the summer brings with it, monsoon is definitely respite that we all have been waiting for. However, the dull and gloomy weather of the monsoons can be almost synonymous with dull and unhappy skin. This is why it is important to continue to pay attention to your skin health even during monsoons. This means maintaining a delicate balance of dry, yet moisturized skin.

Here are some skincare tips that can help you have happy and healthy skin during monsoon.

1. Cleansing routine – The rising humidity levels during monsoon can render skin vulnerable to acne breakouts and infections due to increased oil production on clogging of pores. It is important to use a soap free cleanser which can gently remove dirt and grime off the skin without overly drying it. A cleanser containing natural antibacterial properties such as those containing turmeric or neem can be your best bet to keep nasty skin infections at bay.

Monsoon Skin Care for Oily Skin

2. Exfoliate your way into a glowing skin – Exfoliation should definitely be an important part of your skin care routine as it gets rid of dead skin, dirt and debris from the surface, giving your skin the much desired and needed glow. Exfoliation not only removes the dead skin, but also prepares your new skin to absorb skin care products effectively. You can choose to use natural exfoliants like coffee/walnut scrub or orange-peel scrub for this purpose apart from store bought exfoliants or other methods such as dermabrasion.

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3. Tighten those pores – Open pores on your skin can spell disaster by attracting dirt and debris to settle and result in bad breakouts. Therefore, it is important to use a good toner to close these pores and tighten enlarged pores to keep acne and blemishes away. Using natural toners such as green tea, lemon juice and cucumber juice can help maintain healthy pH levels and help minimize pores. Avoid using harsh alcohol-based toners that may dry and sting your skin.

4. Do not shelve that moisturizer – The dry winters may not yet be here, but it is still imperative to use a good moisturizer to keep your skin supple and hydrated during the monsoon. Using a light-weight, non-greasy moisturizer can relieve your skin from overworking to produce excess oil to make up for the dryness. 

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5. Ramp up your vitamin-C – Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has anti-aging properties and also plays an important role in boosting your immune system which is very essential to keep the common skin infections that occur during monsoon at bay. Eating vitamin-c rich food reduces blemishes and scars and helps you have a radiant and glowing skin.

Vitamin-C Rich Food

6. Keep your makeup minimal – It is known that makeup can clog pores and which is the most common reason for acne and pimple breakouts. The humidity during monsoon doesn’t help either. Keep your makeup minimal during monsoon to help your skin feel light and breezy and also remember to remove any residual makeup at the end of the day to maintain healthy, happy looking skin.

7. Hydrate, hydrate – No matter what season it is, hydrating your body with adequate water intake plays a crucial role in skin health. Humidity and sweating results in water loss and dull look skin. Drinking enough water ensures that the toxins in the body get flushed out and skin stays supple and soft.

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8. Barrier gels – Humid weather can make skin prone to rashes as it rubs against clothes or skin. The friction invariably results in broken skin, rashes and blisters. Adding a barrier gel or cream to your skin care routine can effectively combat this. The barrier gels like SkinEasi regina form a thin invisible and water poof layer on the skin which acts as protection against friction and the nasty rashes that follow.

SkinEasi regina is a dermatologically tested, unique anti-rub rash gel that creates a water-repellant protective layer that DOES NOT wash off in the rain giving you 8+ hours of Everyday Protection in this wet and humid weather!

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The weather is changing and so must your skincare routine. Adding these tweaks to your skincare routine this monsoon can mean a happy monsoon and happier skin.