5 Intimate Rashes You Have Been Ignoring Since Years

5 Intimate Rashes You Have Been Ignoring Since Years

Rashes on the intimate regions of the body are not only annoying but also a cause of panic and stress. While some rashes are totally harmless and vanish within a day or two, others may be an indication of any other disorder. Hence, you should never take a genital rash lightly, especially if it continues to persist even after 2-3 days. It is very important to figure out the underlying cause of your rash if it stays for a longer duration or continues to spread to other parts of your body.

An intimate rash usually is a spread of irregular patches, bumps or lesions on a certain part of the skin on or around the genitals. If you understand the symptoms and causes behind your intimate rash, you will be able to treat it better and at the right time. Here are some rashes that most people get on their intimate regions but often ignore:

  • Rashes during Periods
    If you menstruate and you use a sanitary napkin, you are prone to get rashes near your vaginal area very easily. While these rashes are not very harmful but they may itch or sting, depending on the intensity. The skin becomes extremely dry during that time of the month and the constant contact with the synthetic napkin makes the situation worse. Make your buttocks and inner thighs well moisturized especially when you are menstruating.
  • Use an anti-rub rash gel like SkinEasi regina to protect your intimate area skin from sanitary pad rashes for long hours!

  • Rashes due to Fabrics
    If you wear uncomfortable, itchy fabrics for prolonged time periods, you are bound to get redness and rashes around your intimate regions. Those parts are the most sensitive areas of our bodies and react the fastest if they come in contact with synthetic materials or materials that do not absorb moisture very well.
  • Start wearing breathable and comfortable bottoms which won’t irritate your skin down there. Also, make sure that the fabric is not too snug or skin-tight so that it does not stop your pores from breathing. Wearing loose, comfortable clothes is the key here. Use SkinEasi regina preventive gel before wearing tight clothing, elastics or strappy dresses and lingeries. A tiny application creates a barrier layer and protects you for long hours!

  • Rashes due to Infections
    There are some very common infections that make the vagina inflamed and irritated. Some of them are vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis (abnormal growth of the bacteria present in the vagina),  candidiasis (yeast infection), chlamydia (a type of sexually transmitted disease), and trichomoniasis (causes green or yellow vaginal discharge). Intimate rashes can also be a symptom of Molluscum contagious, a parasitical infection. Untreated infections can cause serious damage to the sensitive parts of your body. So, you need to be alert and aware

  • Other Infections, Disorders or Allergies
    Contact dermatitis, genital psoriasis, lichen planus and lichen sclerosis are different types of allergies and disorders which can lead to the growth of rashes on your intimate regions. Although they are treatable, they can lead to serious complications if you do not seek a doctor’s help at the right time. Therefore, it is very important to know the nature and cause of your rash to find out if it is formed because of any infection, disorder, or allergy. The sooner you get medical attention, the better.

  • Rashes due to Lice and Mites
    Lice are tiny insects which are parasitic in nature. If you get lice on your pubic region, you will experience terrible soreness and itching down there. Pubic lice or body lice can transfer from one person to another during sexual contact. Scabies is caused by extremely tiny mites and it can result in dry, itchy skin. These mites can cause extreme discomfort as they can go very deep into the skin, leading to redness and itchiness. They can also attack your scalp or other body parts. Hence, you should always be careful especially if you develop random rashes or itchiness across your body and/or head region.

  • Symptoms of Intimate Rashes

    There are a lot of reasons that may lead to rashes in the intimate regions of your body. Some common symptoms of intimate rashes include:

    • Bumps, sores, lesions, or blisters around the genitals.
    • The affected skin may feel thickening, irritated and/or inflamed. 
    • Burning sensations and itchiness are also common

    Along with the common symptoms, If you experience any or all of the symptoms mentioned below, you need to consult a doctor immediately:

    • discoloration of the skin; skin turning yellow, pink or red
    • discharge from the genitalia
    • fever
    • pain or unease during sexual intercourse
    • pelvic pain
    • enlarged lymph nodes

    While common intimate rashes are nothing to be afraid of, there can be life-threatening rashes which need to be treated at the earliest. If you do not seek professional help immediately, you will subject your body to some serious problems. 

      Rashes can affect not just your intimate areas but your whole body. They heavily impact the mucous membranes and the skin. The parts that get the most affected are the vagina, urethra, anus, nose, and mouth. However, you may find their occurrence on other parts of your body too. Most of the conditions come with blisters that differ in size. They can be as tiny as 1 cm or extremely huge. When the blisters break open, you will find fluid inside them. If you get blisters on your mucous membranes, it can get tremendously painful.


      You must visit a gynecologists' to get your intimate rashes diagnosed properly. If they are caused just by friction due to constant rubbing, uncomfortable clothing, or periods, you can rely on an anti-rash gel. While home remedies like tea tree oil or yoghurt do provide temporary solutions to your rash problems, you need something more promising.

      An Anti-Rash Protection Gel is what you need!

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      Final Verdict

      It goes without saying that it is an absolute must to take care of your skin and not ignore something as serious as an unexplained rash on your intimate areas. However, prevention is always better than cure, as they say. So, whenever you are stepping out, going for a workout session, or menstruating, always apply SkinEasi’s Regina Anti-Rash Gel so that you do not have to go through the ordeal of dealing with itchy and stingy rashes. Take care!