Prevent Runners Rash

Tips to Treat and Prevent Runner's Rash

It goes without saying that runner’s rash is an absolute nightmare for all fitness freaks. Chafing or rashes are what every runner wants to run away from.  Imagine coming home all sweaty and tired only to feel the sharp sting or itchiness under the shower!

Thank goodness, getting rid of skin rashes is not rocket science. For starters, remind yourself that ‘prevention is always better than cure’. Hence, take preventive measures before every jog and even if the red baddies show up, you can manage them if you treat them immediately.

Prevent Runners Rash

Why do you get runners rash? 

Runner’s rash is a very common problem caused by the repetitive rubbing of skin during running. The continuous friction and rubbing often lead to chafing. The rashes usually appear as red patches, scratches or bumps on the skin. They mostly develop under the bust, on the thighs, groin, under the arms, and buttocks.

What causes a runner’s rash? 

There are a plethora of factors that can cause skin rash or chafing. The most common reasons are repetitive rubbing of the skin with skin or clothing. Some athletes/runners are more prone to skin rashes because of varying reasons. Let’s look at some of those causes:

  • Extra sweat or moisture on the skin
  • Humid or hot weather conditions
  • Sensitive skin
  • Synthetic fabrics/ fabrics that can’t absorb moisture well
  • Extra weight or large muscles
  • Clothes that are too tight or too loose

These are some of the common causes of a runner’s rash that can be easily taken care of to make your running experience worthwhile and free of discomfort.

How to treat or prevent runners' rash? 

Even though runners’ rashes are very irritating, here’s the good news- they have very straightforward treatments that work almost instantly. Firstly, let’s check out some measures to prevent them

      • Stay Hydrated
        You’ll be surprised to know that keeping your body properly hydrated can eliminate the chances of chafing. Well-hydrated skin is smoother and doesn’t get sticky or rub too much while running.
        Stay Hydrated
    • Maintain Post-Run Hygiene
      Take a shower every time you come back from a jog, to avoid sweat, grime, and dirt build-up on your body. Moisturize your skin too.

    • Wear Clothes that Fit Well
      Ill-fitted garments that are either too tight or too loose can trigger chafing. Also, your clothes have to be breathable and free of tags.

    • Place Your Running Gear Properly
      If you run with armbands, water bottles, headbands, water belts, and other such gear; you need to place them very strategically. They make your skin more subject to chafing and friction. Make sure to place them in such a way that they don’t touch your skin directly.
Post-Run Hygiene

  • Use an Anti-Chafing Gel

    If you want a quick fix that works wonders on a runner’s rash- SkinEasi is here for your rescue. It is the first anti-chafing gel in India that comes with a patented ‘second skin’ technology. Of course, it is every runner’s delight and athletes can’t stop recommending it.
Be it thigh burns, groin rashes or even blisters and nipple bleeds, this can prevent and banish pain instantly. It is your perfect partner, especially when the weather is scorching hot.  All you have to do is apply it on your chafing-prone regions before running and it will create a barrier in seconds. Experts have rightly said that it feels like a second skin as its non-greasy and long-lasting formula is very breathable and repels water too. It is an absolute must-have for runners and non-runners alike.

    Now that you know how simple it is to keep runner’s rashes at bay, tie your shoelaces, wear your ‘second skin’, pull up your socks (literally!) and get, set, running!