• Men and Mental Health : It's ok not to be OK

    Men and Mental Health : It's ok not to be OK

    In contrast to their women counterparts, Men often find it hard to open up about mental health and are less likely to seek and receive treatment when dealing with it. Call it a ‘silent epidemic’, by virtue of certain biological propensities and one-track societal perception, many men all across the globe suffer from mental health issues in silence, leading to innumerable other potential problems
  • Yoga for Health & Wellness

    Yoga for Health & Wellness

    YOGA – A SOOTHING PRACTICE. Yoga is a cure-all for physical, mental and emotional well-being. The amalgamation of specific movements or postures (asana) and various breathing techniques (pranayama) along with meditation (dhyana) eases tensed muscles, improves flexibility and enhances strength, balance and endurance.